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Biography of Tanya Worrall

Tanya has a BFA in Dance and Drama from the University of Montana; with 7 years of theatre experience, 2 years as a preschool assistant to better understand the skills and dynamics of 3 & 4 year olds. 

Tanya has taught 50 years, 33 of them here in Vista.   Through years of education, travel and learning from the students, Tanya is skilled at teaching an unlimited variety of dance styles.

Tanya's college education focused on becoming a teacher of children's creative and theatrical dance. The dance department at Missoula, Montana designed a program especially for Tanya for dance teaching. It included primary education credits, stagecraft, directing, costuming, kinesiology, and physical therapy.

This enhanced her dance degree program of choreography, creative movement for children, ballet, modern, jazz, rehearsal, and performance, music classes etc.

She is noted for giving better strength and coordination skills for those with handicaps, patience and discipline for the boldly expressive, and performance opportunities for the shy students to find their place in the limelight.